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ImageThings at Plush Towers tend to move at 100 miles an hour, and the rate we get through premises is no exception. That terrible fabric addiction I have is to blame I think and fabric tends to eat the buildings we occupy. First it was my house, then it was my mum’s house, then it ate our first “proper” unit, then when 2 pallets of Kona solids arrived one day we knew it was time for another move.

Luckily, right across the car park from our first unit is a big warehouse that was empty, a phone call later confirmed they were looking for tenants and voila! Plush Towers had an absolutely amazing new home.


Here was the space before we moved in. It’s fantastic, very light and airy, lots of room like a warehouse but it’s  heated and the ceilings aren’t hugely high so we can still cut fabric all day and remain toasty! Us lay-dees are not  fans of the cold.

And here it is complete with fabric!


Today we put up the fourth cutting table so we’ve got ample cutting space, we try and get all order out the same day and and couldn’t do it without the all the tables.


I have some fabulous ladies working with me, we have a real giggle. Here’s Wendy and Joe who were unimpressed at the camera but do smile generally!


Pom poms, ribbons and lots of yummy habdash goodies! I’m a little bit in love with the ribbon racks, they are so perdy.

We love it when customers come and visit, please holler if you’re ever in the area and want to say hi and peruse the fabric.

4 thoughts on “New Space At Plush Towers”

  1. Oh wow your place looks like heaven! I don’t know how you can bring yourself to leave at the end of the day.

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